The FEAL project consortium is made of 8 partners giving it a full coverage of different contexts within the European Union: Mediterranean Europe (Spain, Italy), Central Europe (Germany, Belgium) and Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Slovakia). All the partners work in a close relation with the rural world but their expertise is different and complementary thus guaranteeing the development of the synergies needed to achieve the objectives foreseen in the work plan.


Technical University in Zvolen (TUZVO)

TUZVO is the lead partner. The TUZVO is a public educational and research institution and as the largest scientific and pedagogical institution orients towards renewable natural recourses in Slovakia.


Institut für Europäische Agrarlandschaftsforschung e.V. (EUCALAND)

EUCALAND is a non profit association under German law. We are an expert network that deals with the cultural and agricultural landscapes of Europe.


Hof und Leben GmbH (HuL)

Hof und Leben GmbH is an independent private consultancy focused on consulting of agricultural based family enterprises.


On Projects Advising SL (OnP)

On Projects focuses on advising enterprises, associations, public bodies and other entities in managing, monitoring and evaluating public funded projects.

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Union De Agricultores Y Ganaderos-Jovenes Agricultores De Jaén (COAG-Jaén)

COAG-Jaén is a professional farming organisation and it provides a wide range of services from the defense of farmers interests to training, information and technical advising.

Biotehniški center Naklo (BC Naklo)

BC Naklo is a public educational institution and it works in the fields: Agriculture, Rural Development, Horticulture, Floristic, Dairying, Nature Preservation, Organic Farming, Stockbreeding and Renewable Energy.


Associazione Media Valle del Tevere GAL (Lag Middle Tiber)

The Local Action Group (LAG) Lag Middle Tiber is a non-profit organisation. The statutory purposes are primarily the implementation of the LEADER Community Initiatives, Community programs and negotiated programming with stakholders.


European Landowners Organization (ELO ASBL)

ELO asbl is a unique federation of national associations from the EU28, which represents the interests of the landowners, land and forest managers and rural entrepreneurs at the European political level.

Kick-off Meeting (KoM) at the Technical University in Zvolen

1. - 2. December 2016