All previous intellectual outputs O1-O3 will be gathered in a digital training system that will be available for self-learning both on webpages (project and partners ones) and on OER repositories such as Open Education Europa.

The main activities related to the development of this Output are the following:
O4/A1. Design of the evaluation instrument for the pilot testing;
O4/A2. Testing of the training materials;
O4/A3. Evaluation of the pilot testing;
O4/A4. Optimisation of the beta version of the training materials according to the evaluation results and transfer of the materials to the users.


FEAL State of the Art Report


Case Studies


FEAL complementary OER


Training System


A report about the State of the Art of the relation between multifunctional/sustainable farming practices and EAL.

Case Studies show the best practices of multifunctional/sustainable farming over European countries in different landscape types and socio-economic situation.


Complementary Open Education Resources (OER) will provide interactive e-atlas of EAL and training modules. 

 A training system gathering the previous output in a digital format compatible with OER repositories and e-learning platforms. It guarantees a totally free access to a wide audience and especially to the project primary target group..