The context of the case studies will be analysed in order to further develop an e-atlas of EAL. The atlas will represent an input, defining the characteristics than need to be analysed, and a background document, providing further data about the context, to the case studies.

The main activities related to the development of this output are:

O3/A1. Designing an interactive e-atlas of EAL.

  • In progress.

O3/A2. Gathering and designing a set of training modules in order to provide comprehensive training to the FEAL product users;
O3/A3. Designing self-evaluation tools in order to assess the training results;
O3/A4. Adapting the tools developed to be used in an e-learning open-source training platform (Moodle based) and to be uploaded to OER repositories.


FEAL State of the Art Report


Case Studies


FEAL complementary OER


Training System


A report about the State of the Art of the relation between multifunctional/sustainable farming practices and EAL.

Case Studies show the best practices of multifunctional/sustainable farming over European countries in different landscape types and socio-economic situation.


Complementary Open Education Resources (OER) will provide interactive e-atlas of EAL and training modules. 

 A training system gathering the previous output in a digital format compatible with OER repositories and e-learning platforms. It guarantees a totally free access to a wide audience and especially to the project primary target group..